Directing Workshop

Make your establishing shot in film with our internationally accredited Film courses. Our Film courses puts you in the spotlight from day one, helping you gain the practical experience and technical knowledge needed to launch yourself in the world of motion picture.


Script Writing Workshop

With Ahmed Morad Known For elfeel el azrak - El aslean next season start in first of august 2017


Cinematography Workshop

hands-on industry experiences with specialist lecturers and mentors who bring in real-world learnings. world class facilities with industry standard equipment so you can fast-track your learning.


Documentary Filmmaking workshop

If you’re passionate about Documentary film and TV, this course will bring that ambition to life by training you in the practical knowledge needed to create an engaging story for the screen.


ONE SHOT is a group of youth concerned by the independent and digital Filmmaking

we started our project on February 2010 with our 1st workshop “directing digital filmmaking” with the hollywood cinematographer and director “ Barry Braverman ”

who taught the students the most important in factors to create a movie from script writing, shooting, lighting, sound, to editing and finishing your movie, ea...ch student write, shoot and edit his own movie.